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Premier irrigation systems are designed to help reduce the consumption of water while maintaining plant health. As a result, your carbon foot print is reduced and your utility bills are reduced. The cost of water in the Chicago area is increasing annually, some communities by 40%. Everything we design leverages the latest technology available in the irrigation industry from weather sensor equipment to the programming of the run times to ensure your water is working smarter not harder. Healthy plants are happy plants.

Irrigation Design & Installation

Water conservation is the foundation of our irrigation system design.

By utilizing high efficiency nozzles and pressure-regulated emitters, only the correct amount of water reaches your lawn and landscape. This means your plants are healthier and you will see less puddling of water on your property. By embracing the latest technology, our rain sensors can suspend irrigation for extended periods of time. You never have to worry that your sprinkler system is running while its raining. During installation control valves are clustered and lines are laid out so that servicing your irrigation system is more efficient.

We also separately zone shady and sunny zones allowing us to manage the application of water for different plant demands, reducing the chance for over watering. Premier’s approach to irrigation system design has conservation in every aspect.

Make Your Water Work Smarter With Premier Sprinkler Systems

Does your car always need 30 gallons of gas when you fill up?

Your lawn does not always need a 1” of water. Why waste water when you don't have to? In addition to designing the best possible irrigation system we focus on continual improvement and advances through education and industry involvement. Our team has over 30 years of experience designing and installing irrigation systems for both residential and commercial clients.

Premier iEcogreen Systems

Premier’s irrigation design is based on the conservation of water from the start. By basing our design to be eco-friendly, we know what components work the best together to achieve the best results.

  • Only the best components available such as pressure regulation in emitters, weather based timing, and high efficiency nozzles are used in our iEcogreen system
  • System monitoring for optimization of applied water
  • Over 30 years experience in irrigation design, installation, and service
  • Utilization of low volume sub-systems that apply water at or near plant roots

Traditional Irrigation Systems
are available

We also install traditional irrigation systems if it is determined to be a fit for your needs. Even a basic system is designed with the fore thought to retro fit the system with upgraded components at a later date to improve system efficiency. Low volume drip in key locations can improve overall system efficiency.

  • Traditional irrigation systems no pressure regulation, traditional nozzles, and time based watering.
  • Basic weather sensor on/off only
  • Cost effective valves

Why an Irrigation System?

As mentioned above, adding automated irrigation to your landscape has a lot of benefits and the technology has become quite advanced. Adding irrigation means:

  • Less eye sores with your property like puddling from too much water
  • Less water means less money
  • An automatic irrigation system allows you more time with your family or time spent on hobbies not on your lawn
  • Improves curb appeal by having consistent health in plant material

Retrofitting Irrigation Systems

The key to retrofitting a system is optimizing existing design. We only replace components that will reduce water consumption while improving performance. Many customers notice a visual impact from a retrofit by having a troublesome dry spot or wet spot disappear in their yard. Retrofits involve changing nozzles, moving sprinklers, and modifying run times. It takes a trained professional to audit your system. Some of the key retrofits include replacing:

  • Adding High Efficiency Nozzles
  • Rain Sensor with logic
  • Sprinklers with in-stem Check Valves
  • Sprinklers with in-stem Pressure Regulation
  • Converting Spray zones to Drip (Example: Planters and
    hanging pots)
  • Smart Controllers that use on site weather data to adjust run times


Improve efficiency and irrigation coverage at the same time with a retrofit.

A retrofit is a great opportunity to improve efficiency and coverage of an existing system. If your system is 5+ years old, it could use a retrofit as a result of plant size/demand, new technology, a need to reduce water consumption.

Retrofitting your existing irrigation system is not a daunting task. With a consultation with a Premier irrigation expert, we can evaluate your existing system’s water usage and make several recommendation options to fit your budget and your water usage.

How retrofits help you save

We looked across a few Chicago neighborhoods to illustrate how Premier can help you save energy and money with a retrofit. Water is an expensive resource that keeps getting more expensive. Click on an example below to see how some average homes in the Chicago area can save.

$1,906 savings per year
LARGE YARD Naperville
$838 savings per year
$1,665 savings per year
LARGE YARD Hinsdale, Burr
Ridge, Clarendon Hills
$838 savings per year
AVERAGE YARD Hinsdale, Burr
Ridge, Clarendon Hills
Meet the Miller Family
They live in Naperville and have a large lawn with 30 zones on their irrigation system. Their system is only about 5 years old, but even they could still save a lot of money annually with a retrofitted system.

How much can you save with retrofit?

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Maintenance & Care

There are four main areas of maintenance to keep you irrigation system running efficiently.

Premier not only installs irrigation systems, we manage irrigations systems over their lifetime. We are able to make the proper adjustment to a system to improve its performance over the course of a season. Other than small adjustments to run times, irrigation should require little to no regular maintenance. There are four key maintenance checks that must occur they are Spring Start-up, Mid-Season Inspection, Backflow testing (RPZ), and Winter Shut Down. That’s the beauty of a well designed or managed irrigation system – they take care of themselves. In addition to the 4 steps below, Premier will perform routine checks to ensure your system is optimized to use water as efficiently as possible.

  • Spring Start Up
  • Mid-Season Review
  • Backflow Testing (RPZ)
  • Winterization

During the start-up we will perform a detailed check of your system to ensure everything is optimized and adjusted for the season. Whether we’ve designed and installed your sprinkler system or you had it installed by another company, we are trained experts and can perform your system start up.

Irrigation Basics

You want to find the best irrigation system available without becoming an expert in the process.

It’s important to understand the basics to make sure you know what you’re buying, but you can leave the details to Premier’s highly trained irrigation specialists. Get familiar with the key parts of an irrigation system on the right.

Click on the parts on the right to learn about the basics of your irrigation system.

Controller The controller is the part of the system that turns the zones on and off for a specified time. Not only does it turn the system on and off but there are settings for what day of the week, adjust run time based on season, and local weather information. All controllers use low voltage in the yard to turn the zones on and off.
Sensors Weather/rain sensors are needed to suspend irrigation when natural water is available. A rain sensor suspends irrigation for a set period of time. A weather sensor adjusts the zone run time and suspends water based on temperature, water, and amount of sun exposure. Both sensors are available from Premier irrigation and can be added to existing systems.
Sprays Sprays or pop ups are typically in flower beds and retract into the ground. They perform best at 30 psi, which is why Premier irrigation installs pressure-regulated sprays. This way you get optimum performance regardless of system pressure. There are many different types of spray heads with different heights for different applications.
Backflow Valve (RPZ) In Illinois, backflow valves are required for all irrigation systems. The purpose of a backflow value is to keep the house water in the house and the irrigation water in the yard. This will protect your family from any organic matter making it back into the drinking water. By state law they must be tested annually.

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